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Urban Funk Techno is a good description for the center of Ralf’s extensive spectrum in electronic music. Deeply impressed by the house scene in the end of the 90’s, as well as progressive house and primary the funky vibes that moved the asses! After founding his collective “Phobia”, he set the benchmark for underground and open air raves in the triangle germany-switzerland-france in the years after the millennium. From village-people-djing he expanded into residencies in leading techno & house clubs of the southwest corner germany’s, mainly named Exodus Parkhaus in Kenzingen, where he was running spaced a floor with his crew. The hard pace of this club took also clearly noticeable in his sets up to harder techno. He is always absorbing new influencies in several kinds of electronic music by his environment, other artists and producers as well as the avidity constantly finding some new stuff. The audience’s favour he gets about showing up the class of the contemporary music in giant events like Big Bang, and of course in his many hours long trippy sets around uplifting minimaltechno to housy wildstyle and four-to-the-floor-techno. Never forget the groove and the funk!

The knowledge about the effects of music he turned into working deeper in the music scene, so he entered to write about music for the south german nightlife magazine “Nitebeat”. His skills made him work for several labels as press writer. In 2008 he accomplished some producer friends to launch the booking agency “Beeson”. Cooperations with Ralph Sliwinski, Syntec and NDKJ from Italy and Frankfurts music distribution DBH, especially with Robert Drewek, Matt Star and WJ Henze, were the consequences. Same time, he released his first 2 remixes: one on NDKJ’s Heatflow label, and the other in cooperation with Linus Quick on Neverending Rec. for Citizen Kain & Phuture Traxx. The overexcitement of this work and playing too much in the clubs, as well as the need to change life and profession, let him move to Berlin in 2009.
The passion for electronic music didn’t want him to stop developing and playing, so he joined the group of Neopren Booking (ex-Fine&Loud). Very soon he was requested by several clubs in Berlin like Golden Gate, M.I.K.Z., Morlox, K-Pax, Brunnen70... Finally it’s the summary of his special feeling for the people on the floor and the non-typical sound for the capital city of germany. In the meantime he has thrown parties in the freshly built up location Damensalon and he has found his basic with the friends of Spreekader, with who he runs the new thursday nights “Foreplay” “ in Tresor. His producing skills made one more remix with Liebe//Triebe act Mathias Webster on Hat Records. Let’s see what 2012 will bring!


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